Fabian Cancellara aims for his 4th World Title today. Swiss team manager Jonas Lieb said of his legendary timetrialler, 'it's all in the risk. He rides a break of 1mm to other riders' ten.'
That could send Cancellara the way of Danillo Wyss, Swiss entrant in u-23 mens timetrial yesterday, injured in the race. Switzerland's National Coach Elite, Rene Savary described the injury as an open leg wound but assured it would not trouble Wyss for Sunday's Road Race. Of Cancellara, Savary promised an impressive performance from one in top morale and form. 'He has perfect technical skill, excellent pedaling rhythm. He is like a unit with his bike, like a spaceship' Savary said.
Contrasting with Cancellara but well worth watching is the Swede Gustav Larsson, silver Olympic medalist. At 2009 UCI World he was the only rider to stay within two minutes of Cancellara.
Many non-Europeans confuse Swiss and Swede. Swiss Cancellara and Swede Larsson have opposite styles to counter that.
While Cancellara is known for an attack-style aggressive race, Larson's design is to keep even pace course-long. Consistency and detail are his signature. Swedish team manager, Glen Magnusson says Larsson has an eye for detail when mapping the course ahead of a race, particularly judging it's corners.
Larsson has a favorite corner today which comes abruptly after the steep downhill towards Queens Park bridge. 'It is the Geelong course hallmark' he asserts.
The similarity between Cancellara and Larsson is they are both incredible timetriallists. Both ride for Saxo Bank. That is until Cancellara finishes his contract one year early. Team owner Bjarne Riis announced this ten days ago saying Cancellara did not have the desire necessary to ride for the team. There is no doubt Cancellara will be riding with desire today.

Melbourne writer, Sarah Schmidt

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