Dag Erik Pedersen


Voornaam:   Dag Erik
Achternaam:   Pedersen
Nationaliteit:  Noorwegen
Leeftijd:   64 jaar
Geboortedatum:   06-06-1959
Geboorteplaats:  Skien (Telemark), Noorwegen

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Voornaam:   Dag Erik
Achternaam:   Pedersen
Nationaliteit:  Noorwegen
Leeftijd:   64 jaar
Geboortedatum:   06-06-1959



Professional 1982-1991


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Dag Erik Pedersen stopped cycling after the '92 season. Two years later, he started working in television. First in a commercial tv chhannel; TV Norway.
He puts it this way "I didn't know anything about journalism, exept from all the stupid questions norvergian journalists who knew little or nothing about cycling used to ask me while I was racing in Italy and performed well."

After two years by TV Norway as a junior reporter, Dag Erik got an offer he simply could not refuse; NRK, Norways number one tv channel believed strongly that he could, with some help and a lot of training, become a TV personality.
In 1999 he started working in the studio as an anchor and� he soon became very popular.
After a while he extended his reportoir and started making his own TV entertainment series, own portraits - often with extremely well known people such as Paul McCartney, Andrea Bocelli, BB King, Bob Dylan, King and Quenn of Norway, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Price winners even finally; a movie. h
He made a film last year, for NRK, called Deadline Torp; biggest TV Drama sucsess in Norway in the history in addition to be as and anchor in the studio.

He became anchor of the year in 2002, 2004 & 2005 and is today a very famous man, his popularity is even far higher today than when he was cycling, winning races in Italy.


1981 amatør

1.plass 9 etappe Milk Race
1. GP Volvo (open)
1. GP William Tell overall
1. GP William Tell sprint comp. overall
4.plass VM amatør landvei Praha

1982: Bianchi Piaggio

1.pl Giro del Lazio (men i wc for hold i 82)
2.pl 5. etappe Puglia Rundt
3. pl. 1 etappe Romandiet Rundt
4.pl 2 etappe Romandiet Rundt
4.pl 3.etappe Ruota d´Oro
4.pl 4.etappe Ruota d´Oro (tempo)
5.pl Giro dell´Emilia
5.pl G.P. Larciano

1983: Bianchi Piaggio

1. Grand Prix Scandinavia
1. 1.etappe Giro di Sardegna, holdkonkurranse med Bianchi
3. pl sammenlagt Tour og America etter Osterbosh og Phil
Anderson 5 dager etappe løp.
4.pl sammenlagt Tour de Romandie
3.pl 5.etappe
4.pl 6.etappe tempo

2. Giro del Veneto
3. Giro dell´Emila
4.pl Giro del Lazio


1 pl 9. etappe Giro d´Italia
1.pl 16. etappe Giro d´Italia
10.plass sammenlagt, beste norske gjennom tidene i noen
av de 3 store etappe ritt, Vuelta, Giro eller Tour. 1.pl
Tour of Norway sammenlagt - en etappeseier 4.etappe.
( 5 dager totalt; med Saronni, De Wolf, Duclos Lasalle,
Pevenage osv)

2.pl Giro del Campania
2.pl 1.etappe Giro Trentino
2.pl 18.etappe Giro d´Italia
3.pl 11.etappe Giro
4.pl 19.etappe Giro
4.pl 20.etappe Giro

6. Milano San Remo
6. Blois - Chaville


Nr 1 G.P Grimstad
Nr 1 G.P Mjøndalen

1986 Ariostea

nr.1 16.etappe Giro d´Italia
nr. 1 GP Olav Thon
nr.1 GP Jessheim
nr. 2 Giro dell´Emilia
nr. 3 sammenlagt Giro di Puglia
nr. 3 Liege Bastogne Liege.
nr. 3 G.P. Larciano
nr. 3 7.etappe Tirreno Adriatico (tempo)
nr.4 Giro dell´Appenino
nr.6 G.P Zurich

1987 Ariostea

nr.1 GP Olav Thon
nr.2 7.etappe Giro di Sicilia
nr.3 1.etappe Giro Romandie
nr.4 4.etappe Giro Romandie
nr.4 GP Pino Cerami
nr.5 1.etappe Giro di Svizzera
14.Liege Bastogne Liege

1988 PDM

1 WC Total Team PDM
2.plass 1 etappe Giro dei Paesi Baschi
5.plass 4 etappe samme løp

1989 PDM

1.WC Total Team PDM
1. GP Roserittet
1 1. etappe Tour of Norway
1. 5.etappe Tour of Norway
1.Tour of Norway overall

2.Milano - Torino
2.plass på 3 etapper i Tour de Vaucluse
2.plass 7 etappe Tour of Sweden/Postgirot
13.Milano San Remo

1990 TWM

1. 1 etappe Tour of Ringerike
1.5. etappe Tour of Ringerike
1.Tour of Ringerike overall
1. 5.etappe Tour of Norway
1. 6.etapppe Tour of Norway

1991 Del Tongo

1 GP Europa team time trial
1 3.etappe Postgiro/ Tour of Sweden
1 6.etappe Postgirot/Tour of Sweden
1. 5.etappe Tour of Norway
1. Overall Tour of Norway

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